Trademark Registration in Thailand

          A. Preparing the Application

The applicant can file an application to register it in the Department of Intellectual Property (hereinafter “DIP”)

In filing an application for registration of a mark, the following documents are required:

(1) Applicant’s name and address;
(2) Identification of goods/services to be designated in the application 
(Although the Trademark Office has adopted the Nice Classification into the Thai trademark practice, Thailand is not a party to the Nice Agreement and that the goods/services must be specific and may be classified differently from the Nice Classification, which would depends entirely on each Trademark Registrar’s discretion).
(3) Specimen of mark;
(4) A duly notarized Power of Attorney;
(5) A certified copy of the priority documents (if any).

          B. Examination by the DIP

If the application has satisfied all of the requirements in accordance with Thai Trademark Act, the application will be published in the official Trademark Gazette.

          C. Publication for Opposition

Any interested party who believes he or she will be damaged by application of the mark to oppose its registration. An opposition shall be filed within sixty days from the date of publication. If an opposition is filed, a proceeding will be examined by Trademark Registrar of DIP.

          D. Registration and issued Trademark Certificate

If no opposition is filed, the registration of the mark will be granted within approximately four months after payment of the registration fee.  The entire registration process can take as long as one to two years from the date of filing. However, in case of objection or other complications, the application may take up to two years to complete.